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Surface Mounted LED's Bonded with Conductive Epoxy on Polymer Circuitry

GDSI Membrane Switch SMT Technology

smt membrane technologyGDSI can incorporate surface mounted LEDís into the circuitry of a membrane switch. This can be achieved with soldered connections using copper flex circuitry, or with conductive adhesive on polymer flex circuitry. Copper circuitry is recommended for harsh environments including temperature cycling, physical shock and vibration. Polymer circuitry is recommended for controlled environments with minimal risk of physical shock and vibration.



  Membrane Switch Surface Mounted LED Advantages:

  • Removes LEDís and wiring from PC board creating more space for other active or passive components or reducing the required size of the PCB.
  • LEDís on panel surface provide greater viewing angle, there is no tunnel to restrict the viewing angle of the light source.
  • Greater design flexibility:  Placement of LEDís is not limited to the position dictated by the space available on the PC board, they can be placed in the most favored graphic position.
  • Broad range of brightness and color capability with surface mounted LEDís.


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