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Sensor Device for Blood Analysis

This case study not only demonstrates GDSI’s  unique design and manufacturing capability, but its ability to work collaboratively with a client during development and design.    When the startup company first approached GDSI, they had little understanding of what was possible or realistic in the areas of polymer thick film technology.   GDSI engineering worked with the client’s team to understand the applications and requirements and then suggested solutions that would meet the specific needs.

GDSI was able to design and fabricate several prototypes with fast turnaround so that the client could quickly develop and improve on the concepts.  The specific application was a unique bench top unit that could quickly perform blood analysis. The size of the unit was much smaller than competing products on the market place.  Some of the specific features of the circuits were:

  • Printing of polymer thick film on both sides of a 5 mils substrate using GDSI’s unique Double Sided Polymer Circuitry D/SPC® technology to connect the top and bottom layer.  This allows electrical probing on the back site.
  • Silver chloride ink screen printed over conventional silver in the probing area, requiring tight image to image registration
  • Cleanroom fabrication to minimize contamination

The finished sensor circuit will be approximately 2 inches by 1 inch.   GDSI was able to support the client from initial concept all the way through high volume production. 

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