custom membrane switchescustom membrane switchescustom membrane switches custom membrane switches

Membrane Switch Product types



Membrane Switch Actuation Options:

GDSI can provide a wide range of actuation forces with all tactile choices.  All designs can be sealed against the environment.

  • Non-tactile: Provide no click or discernable pressure response. Feedback to the operator is provided through other means, such as an audible sound or visual image provided by the controller in the device.
  • Tactile-formed domes:  Plastic domes can be used in limited environmental conditions.  They do not perform well at high or low ambient temperatures.  Their advantage is in high voume applications with constant optimal operating temperatures. This option is generally the least expensive tactile feedback choice.
  • Tactile metal domes:  Most common tactile choice.  Provides the greatest durability and longevity.  Gives a clear tactile snap that is heard and felt.



Circuit Technology Options for Membrane Switches

Surface Mounted Components 

Surface mounted components that can be easily incorporated in the design include: LED's, resistors, capacitors, or any SMT component with circuit trace requirements that can be supported by polymer or copper circuitry.

More on GDSI Surface Mount Technology

Illumination (Backlighting) for Membrane Switches and Graphic Overlays

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