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Design and Technology Solutions

GDSI's Double Sided Polymer Circuitry (D/SPC®) provides circuit technology which eliminates the failure points in designs using printed cross-over, bridging or jumpers which place silver circuit traces over another trace with only a screen printed dielectric separating the traces.  D/SPC® eliminates these typical failure points.  

Design Fault Solution

Water Ingress

Gasket (full perimeter seal), and
Carbon printed over silver traces

Silver Migration

Gasket (full perimeter seal), and
Carbon printed over silver traces

Cracked traces on tail

D/SPC® to move traces to inside radius

Actuation force variable between keypads

Proper design and tight tolerance manufacturing capability

Minimal packaging space

D/SPC® or double sided copper circuitry

Backlighting metal dome keypads

Electroluminescent panel using D/SPC® for increased reliability

Cracked overlay on keypad locations

Proper design and material selection

Rim embossed keypad alters actuation force Stack up height, keypad spacer, and keypad dimension needs design improvement
High density keypad with multiple circuit tails D/SPC® reduces the need for multiple tail exits


1) matching proper materials to OEM requirements
2) reducing or eliminating assembly costs at OEM
3) reducing or eliminating field failures

Let GDSI's engineering determine the best strategy and design to address your problem, contact us today to get more information on our design solutions.
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