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Membrane Switch for Off Road Construction Equipment

This application was for control panels on off road construction equipment. The control panel was frequently subjected to water from power spray and normal operating environmental conditions.  With the previous membrane switch design, water was able to penetrate into the circuitry and cause field failures. All membrane switch constructions are susceptible to moisture penetration.  GDSI provides a solution which eliminates the most common fault of competitive switch designs: water penetration susceptibility.

Gasketed Membrane SwitchGDSI redesigned the switch with utilize its’ unique gasket and D/SPC® circuit design.  This construction featured a full perimeter seal with the circuit tail exit inside of the adhesive perimeter. This eliminated any channel for water to enter the switch cavity. This construction proved very effective for membrane switches that need to withstand rugged environmental conditions or switches that see a significant level of moisture present in its operating environment.

Since implementing this design, the customer has seen a dramatic reduction in field failures.

The customer also realized another advantage using GDSI to provide the graphic overlay with the switch. This allowed GDSI to provide a complete membrane switch assembly with the following benefits:

  1. Lower overall cost
  2. Shorter lead time from order to delivery
  3. Improved registration between the overlay and the underlying switch layer which lead to more consistent actuation force between switches on each part and on each assembly.
  4. Tooling commonality between different graphic designs

The lower overall part cost combined with the lower field failure rate has resulted in significant cost reduction for the customer.


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